Odoo CRM integrates seamlessly with Odoo Accounting, providing a complete end-to-end solution. It allows you to manage customer invoices, track payments, and reconcile accounts. The integration ensures accurate and up-to-date financial data within the CRM system. This streamlines the sales-to-accounting process and improves overall business efficiency.

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About Oddo​

What is oddo?
Odoo is a comprehensive business management platform that offers a wide range of integrated applications to streamline various business processes. It provides tools for CRM, sales, inventory, accounting, and more, all within a single, unified system.

In Odoo, cookies are used for various purposes to enhance the user experience and provide personalized features. Here are some common uses of cookies in Odoo:

Session Management: Cookies are used to maintain user sessions, allowing users to navigate between pages without the need to reauthenticate repeatedly.

Remembering User Preferences: Cookies can store user preferences, such as language selection, theme settings, or display preferences, to personalize the user experience across sessions.

Analytics and Tracking: Odoo may use cookies for tracking and analytics purposes, such as monitoring website traffic, measuring user behavior, and analyzing user interactions to improve the platform's performance and usability.

Authentication and Security: Cookies play a role in authentication and security measures, ensuring that users remain logged in and authorized to access their respective accounts or restricted areas within the Odoo platform.

It's important to note that the specific use and management of cookies in Odoo can vary depending on the configuration and customization of the platform implemented by individual organizations.